Check out these helpful sites and cool links, They may save you money or just entertain.

Make a little free money playing games? 

I have tested and confirmed Mistplay works it does not give you a lot of cash but it definitely give you pocket change for doing what you already do. Most games are 30 min to get points if done correctly the payout is average $1.50 / hr of messing around in games. All the games have in app purchases but you don’t need to buy anything to make money.  No personal info except email used.

Want free movies and Tv legitametly?

This app works on many devices an I have used it and see it as Netflix with commercials. It is 100% free just have commercials like regular tv.

Tired of phone bills? Have an old android or iPhone? get a free local phone number you can call and text from.

Use this app at hotspot locations to make calls on the go

I have had sucess with this app in using the same number for 2 years free. you must text or call someone at least 1x every 2 weeks to remain free otherwise your number changes. Awesome as a backup number you can just leave as a home phone.

Check out this book on amazon